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    Both of our steel backups fulfill the same purpose, securing your seedphrase. However, they do have some different aspects which you can review in the following comparison table.


    Plate S

    Plate S

    Board S

    Board S

    Phrase S

    Phrase S

    Setup Time 25-35 min 20-30 min 30-45 min
    Reusability One-Time use One-Time use One-Time use
    Seedphrase format
    24 Word 24 Word 24 Word
    BIP39 Compatible
    Passphrase Compatible
    Discreteness High Very High Highest
    Moving parts
    Steel Grade
    AISI 304 AISI 304 AISI 304
    Dimensions 70x98mm 80x93mm 175x90 mm
    Gauge 14 (~2mm) 14 (~2mm) 14 (~2mm)
    Weight 100g 110g 240g
    Template type Laser-etched Laser-etched Adhesive vinyl
    PIN field
    Risk of injury Low Very Low Very Low
    Encoding type
    Character based Dot based Dot based
    Stamp type
    Numerical or alphabetical Center Punch Center Punch
    Tool required Hammer/Mallet Hammer/Mallet Hammer/Mallet
    Price* $34.99 (Shop Now) $26.99 (Shop Now) $34.99 (Shop Now

    *This price is for 1 backup + 1 tool, includes shipping.

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