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    This is our privacy manifesto. Rest assured we are aware and care for our customers' privacy and security. Our only business is selling a physical product and earning a profit from it.

    Last revision: June 14, 2023


    lock_open Non-Custodial

    It is important to clarify that CryptoNumeris® will NEVER ask your for your seedphrase and we'll NEVER have access to it. We provide the tools for you (the user) to manually imprint your keys into a timeproof backup. Your key is never exposed.


    visibility_off Discreet Packaging

    From the shipping envelope to the contents of the package, there is minimal branding for your discretion. We sacrifice brand identity for your security & privacy.


    receipt_long Neutral customs declaration

    The CN22 form will be rightfully filled but avoiding crypto-related references. The description is generic so it doesn't draw any attention to our customers from potential bad actors.


    verified_user Safe & private payment

    Our entire store has SSL encryption to ensure your data in not intercepted at any point. Our store is built on Shopify, the industry leading E-Commerce platform. For credit/debit card payments (which are processed by Stripe), the bank statement will read as "C.NUMERIS". For cryptocurrency payments, your transaction will be pseudonymous.


    fingerprint Safe user data

    We do not a have a dedicated marketing or business strategy that involves targeting our existing customers. For this reason this website does NOT have common trackers such as Google Analytics or Facebook Pixel and our customer database is NOT exported to services like MailChimp or Klaviyo. The customer database of CryptoNumeris® is currently ONLY stored in our Shopify dashboard and will NEVER be shared with anyone, sold or manipulated.

    User data is ONLY used for the purpose of shipping and basic email communication and in case they subscribe, email marketing. Only us, the shipping carrier in charge of your parcel (USPS, FedEx etc.) and customs (origin & destination) will see your home address and phone number (if customer provides it).


    local_post_office Registered Mail

    Only you (the user) can receive and sign the parcel after we ship it, this is how Registered Mail works and provides an extra layer of security. It also reduces the chance of the parcel getting lost in transit.

    Guaranteed Quality

    All of our products are designed to last for a lifetime.

    Worldwide Shipping

    We can ship to every country in the world via Registered Mail.

    Safe Shopping

    Our entire webstore has SSL encryption, you're safe.


    Our products don't rely in trust, you own your private key.