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    Are you wondering if our products are compatible with your specific wallet? No worries, after this brief explanation you will better understand all aspects of compatibility.

    Our three stainless steel backups support BIP39 wallets. These wallets provide a set of 8, 12 or 24 words to the user when the wallet is created. This set of words represent a Master Private Key that gives custody of said wallet, which can be used to store and manage cryptocurrency


    What is BIP39?

    It is a static list of 2048 unique words used to create deterministic wallets. Since it was implemented in 2013, it has pretty much become an industry standard and is used by most wallets for many cryptocurrencies. It has widespread adoption in the crypto space, reason being that it's much easier for the user to manage a list of words compared to a very long string of characters (private key).

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    If you are using a popular hardware wallet, it is very likely it uses the BIP39 standard. This means that our products are compatible with your wallet.


    Ledger, Trezor, Keepkey, Exodus, Metamask, Coinbase compatible wallets with the stainless steel crypto backups Plate S and Board S by CryptoNumeris


    Here's a list of some popular wallets which support BIP39:

    Hardware wallets 🡪

    • Ledger Nano
    • Trezor
    • Keepkey
    • Bit Box
    • Cool Wallet
    • Cobo Vault
    • Coldcard
    • Ellipal


    Software wallets (Desktop) 🡪

    • Electrum
    • Atomic Wallet
    • Exodus
    • Samourai Wallet
    • Blockchain
    • MetaMask
    • MyEtherWallet
    • MyCrypto


    Mobile wallets (Android/iOS) 🡪

    • Mycelium
    • Coinomi
    • Trustwallet
    • Coinbase Wallet
    • Enjin Wallet
    • Jaxx

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