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    We are open for bulk orders and provide a better price and shipping service for any person/business that is interested.

    Depending on the quantity, processing and delivery times may vary. Anything above 50pz is very likely to be manufactured on-demand. Wholesale orders will require a full payment upfront.

    Minimum Order Quantity: 24 pieces
    Processing time: 1-3 weeks
    Sample order: Available (70% of retail price + free shipping)

    Please include the following in your inquiry:

    • Name & Company (If any)
    • City and Country
    • Model(s) & Quantity + tools required
    • Motif (Re-sale, personal use, company use, gift etc.)
    • Payment method (PayPal, Stripe, Cryptocurrency)


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    All of our products are designed to last for a lifetime.

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    We can ship to every country in the world via Registered Mail.

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    Our entire webstore has SSL encryption, you're safe.


    Our products don't rely in trust, you own your private key.