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    In this page you will get an answer to the most common questions regarding our products and business.

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    The main goal is safety and longevity. By stamping/punching your seedphrase into a piece of grade 304 stainless steel, you are minimizing the risk of an accident that may occur with a piece of paper, such as a natural disaster that may turn your key illegible. It also lowers the chance of hacking: the nature of the backup (a physical object) implies it is not reachable via the Internet or any other digital medium.

    You immortalize your crypto wallet with a deep cold state solution.

    Why? This method of backup works extremely well for two simple reasons: It makes use of a standardized method (BIP39) and utilizes a high quality material that can last for hundreds of years (Stainless Steel).

    How? By stamping/punching your seedphrase (which is essentially a very long password that represents your cryptocurrency) into a super long-lasting piece of steel, you are essentially creating a timeless copy of your coins and securing them forever.

    No. You never have to share your key with anyone at any point of the process. We provide the backup solution and the tools needed for each customer to complete it in their own privacy. Our products are 100% trustless and non-custodial. (Privacy)

    There are 3 main reasons why we chose numbers over letters (stamping/punching tools):

    • It gives an extra layer of security by not exposing the words directly.
    • Makes the process way quicker by having less characters to stamp/punch.
    • It's cheaper for the customer and saves shipping costs by weighting less.

    Our steel backups are safe by themselves, but it will not prevent stolen coins if the user exposes the key or stamps his private key with errors. What this means is that you can have all the security in the world, but if you are not careful and share the seed by accident, any security measure is pointless. After you make your backup, you should never take a picture, share it with anyone or leave it visible; your backup should be kept in a safe place only you know in order to be 100% safe.

    In simple terms, this BIP (Bitcoin Improvement Proposal) implements a static list of 2048 unique words used to create deterministic wallets. Since it was implemented, it has pretty much become a standard and is used by most wallets for many other cryptocurrencies. It has widespread adoption in the crypto space, reason being that it's much easier for the user to manage a list of 8, 12 or 24 words compared to a very long string of characters (private key).

    This list of 2048 words is arranged in a specific order and will not be modified in the future so you can make a permanent backup of your mnemonic phrase with confidence. Your wallet seed will forever be attached to a Master Private Key for you to keep safe.

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    You encode your seedphrase into numbers by comparing each word with the BIP39 wordlist. This process should be done with extreme care to avoid errors.

    You can decode the numbers on the plate the same way you encoded them but backwards. Take your backup and the BIP39 wordlist and find the corresponding numbers on the list.


    All of our steel backups are made of AISI 304 stainless steel (GA. 14).

    This grade of steel is highly durable and prevents any kind of rust/corrosion. It will also withstand high temperatures (1450°C/2642°F) and shock.

    The only way you can leave a mark into the steel is by using specialized tools like a hammer and hardened steel stamps.

    We have put our products to the test:

    This grade of steel will last for the rest of your life (and many more hundreds of years) if kept in the right conditions. Treat it as you would any other valuable belonging.


    We ship our products worldwide via Registered Mail (standard air mail). Orders may take up to 4 business days to get dispatched after you buy. We also provide a tracking number.

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    We currently offer StripePayPal and OpenNode as payment processors. You may choose to pay with Stripe for a fast checkout with your card, PayPal for more flexibility and OpenNode if you prefer to pay with Bitcoin (On-chain or Lightning)

    Remember that you can also pay with a credit/debit card via PayPal without an account.

    We offer returns for up to 10 days after you receive your order.

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    Nothing happens. The status of our business does not affect the functionality of the products we sell in any way. The BIP39 standard is open to the public and we just provide a backup solution of it. Once you setup your backup you are the only and true owner of it.

    You should NEVER take a picture of your backup for security reasons, even less if it will be stored in the internet. The point of the plate is to make a completely offline copy of your seedphrase, so it should always stay that way.

    The golden rule is to never input your seedphrase into a device directly connected to the Internet.

    Yes, you should be careful not to hit your fingers with the hammer at the time of stamping. We also encourage all customers to wear eye and ear protection when stamping/punching.

    Apart from that, there is no risk of exposing your private key when using our steel backups as they are a completely analog solution.


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