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      Phrase S

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      Backup any 24-Digit alphanumeric password into a grade 304 stainless steel plate which creates a cold and permanent offline backup. This product works with a single center punch tool.

      The Phrase S is unmatched when it comes to stealth and sophistication, it offers added discreteness. Don't underestimate its toughness! It's made to last for a lifetime.

      Unlike our other backups, the steel doesn't have direct laser etched guides, instead it works a removable vinyl sticker. After you have punched your password, you may remove the vinyl and use the recovery acetate to decode it.

      local_fire_department Fireproof (Up to 1450°C/2642°F)
      opacity Waterproof (No rust/corrosion)
      flash_on Shockproof (14GA. sheet)
      security Hackerproof (Digitally unreachable)
      visibility_off Stealthy (Extremely discreet)
      code Open-Source (Public template)

      SKU: PHS-304/24

      Individual plate:

      • Material: AISI 304 Stainless Steel
      • Gauge: GA. 14
      • Dimensions: 175x90x2 mm
      • Weight: 240g (0.50lbs)
      • Finish: Matte 2B


      Punching tool:

      • Brand/model: Truper® 12218
      • Material: Cr-V Steel
      • Hardness: 53HRc
      • Point angle: 90º
      • Dimensions: 3mm (⅛")


      Vinyl sticker:

      • Type: Adhesive
      • Finish: Transparent Matte
      • Dimensions: 175x90 mm


      Recovery acetate:

      • Type: Non-Adhesive
      • Finish: Transparent Glossy
      • Dimensions: 175x90 mm

      You will need:

      • Pen and paper
      • A marker
      • A hammer/mallet (16oz/0.5Kg min.)
      • A flat and sturdy surface
      • Eye and ear protection


      1. Define your password

      Choose the password you want to backup and carefully write it down on the temporary guide card.

      2. Find a flat/sturdy surface

      You’ll need a heavy hammer/mallet for this job and the flattest surface you can find near you.

      3. Prefill the guide sticker

      Grab a marker and prefill all the cells where you have to punch.

      4. Punch the dots into the plate

      Take the center punch tool and give one single good hit into every mark you made.

      5. Remove the vinyl sticker

      Peel away the sticker and destroy it, the put your plate in a safe spot.


      View full instructions

      • 1, 2, or 3 plates
      • Center Punch Tool (If selected)
      • Product Tag and Quick Guide
      • Screws/Wingnuts (When ordering 2 or more plates)
      • 24-Digit Alphanumeric Password guide card(s) (If applicable)
      • BIP39 conversion card(s) (If applicable)
      • Vinyl sticker(s) and Recovery acetate(s)
      • Paper BIP39 English wordlist (If applicable)

      Templates refer to the vinyl stickers you can paste on top of the Phrase S, we currently have two different ones. All templates are available for anyone to download in case you want to DIY this backup or if you have lost your recovery acetate.

      A1 Template: For 24-Digit Alphanumeric Passwords

      Supports the English Alphabet, Numbers and Symbols

      Aa Bb Cc Dd Ee Ff Gg Hh Ii Jj Kk Ll Mm Nn Oo Pp Qq Rr Ss Tt Uu Vv Ww Xx Yy Zz

      1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0

      ! @ ? $ % & * - _ .

      Learn More & Downloads


      B1 Template: For 24-Word BIP39 Seedphrases (Numerical)

      Supports BIP39 seedphrases for up to 24 words, with a numerical
      input. You may refer to the official wordlist to correctly convert your
      seedphrase into numbers.

      Learn More & Downloads


      C1 Template: For 24-Word BIP39 Seedphrases (Alphabetical)

      Supports BIP39 seedphrases for up to 24 words, with an alphabetical input. Please note that this template allows you to punch only the first four (4) letters of each word, as it's the minimum required for a full recovery.

      Learn More & Downloads

      We ship our products worldwide via Registered Mail (standard air mail). Orders may take up to 4 business days to get dispatched after you buy. We also provide a tracking number.

      Works best with

      Ledger Nano Wallet logo compatible with the stainless steel crypto backup Plate S by CryptoNumeris
      Trezor Wallet logo compatible with the stainless steel crypto backup Plate S by CryptoNumeris

      Got any questions?

      The main goal is safety and longevity. By stamping/punching your seedphrase into a piece of grade 304 stainless steel, you are minimizing the risk of an accident that may occur with a piece of paper, such as a natural disaster that may turn your key illegible. It also lowers the chance of hacking: the nature of the backup (a physical object) implies it is not reachable via the Internet or any other digital medium. You immortalize your crypto wallet with a deep cold state solution.

      Why? This method of backup works extremely well for two simple reasons: It makes use of a standardized method (BIP39) and utilizes a high quality material that can last for hundreds of years (stainless steel).

      How? By stamping/punching your seedphrase (which is essentially a very long password that represents your private key) into a super long-lasting piece of steel, you are actively creating a timeless copy of your coins and securing them forever.

      No. You never have to share your key with anyone at any point of the process. We provide the backup solution and the tools needed for each customer to complete it in their own privacy. Our products are 100% trustless and non-custodial. (Privacy)

      This grade of steel is highly durable and prevents any kind of rust/corrosion. It will also withstand high temperatures (1450°C/2642°F) and shock.

      The only way you can leave a mark into the steel is by using specialized tools like a hammer and hardened steel stamps.

      We have put our products to the test:

      Nothing happens. The status of our business does not affect the functionality of the products we sell in any way. The BIP39 standard is open to the public and we just provide a backup solution of it. Once you setup your backup you are the only and true owner of it.

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      Our products don't rely in trust, you own your private key.